I’m Avoiding Semi-precious Gem Puns for the Sake of Us All: Meet garnet.garnet

While idol’s in the throes of Halloween, the greatest time of the year to be a living alt-persona because you can put on a slightly different version of that persona and get even more money than usual, there’s not a ton going on other than idol Halloween, so we here at Homicidols.com hope to fill a void. Yes, we understand the sensations of loss and frustration that can happen when your expectations of regular new stuff go unmet, and we’re here to help.

With more new idols! Ol’ Maniac here did promise to feature more new artists this year, or at least new projects with old artists (see below!), so here you go.

Say hi to garnet.garnet (Twitter). They debuted on Sunday! What kind of unit are they? It was hard to tell when their tweets started to appear in my feed, because they hadn’t released anything yet. Now, post-debut, at least we get this much:

So the answer is “idorock”

I’d ordinarily wait a bit on sharing this unit, at least until there was a full track or something, but my first look in on them turned up the fact that I’m already following three members. WHO ARE THESE GIRLS! Of course I support idols taking on new projects, it’s only natural; I’m just saying, what are the details here, and why can’t I place a single one of them?

(“Because you follow more then 1,000 idols, you doofus.”)