What Do You Guys Think of BILLIE IDLE’s ‘MY WAY’?

Of course, look at and listen to it if you haven’t already had a chance:

I’ll start: This is one of my favorite things they’ve ever done.

  • Yeah, from the jump, I thought it was going to be another Kentacore ballad, but it was rapidly pulled out of that fire and dropped into another fire — an awesome fire
  • That MV is subtly extremely cool. I was talking with somebody about the OK GO videos the other day, and while this lacks the same Rube Goldberg insanity of those joints, this is still a creative maximization of resources that really highlights the group and their personality. It doesn’t line up all that well with the energy of the song, but greater crimes have been committed
  • It’s been almost a year since Akira joined up, and it’s like she never wasn’t there
  • Nozomi’s commitment to doing as little as possible is truly inspiring
  • First Summer Cormorant Squid continues to remind that she is an absolute god among humans
    • Why Uika’s trying really hard to look like a skinhead, I don’t know
  • Oh and Momo sounded really good and is an underappreciated show-stealer
  • BILLIE IDLE had several Best of 2016 finalists because bi bi bi bi bi was so freaking good; I don’t know where this one fits onto that continuum (not in front of the best of b5, though), but I wouldn’t be mad if folks wanted to give it single and video nominations
  • I’m obviously going to be pro-punk rock just about all the time, but I’ll admit to missing the synth pop side of BILLIE IDLE

The Maniac hath spoken.

2 thoughts on “What Do You Guys Think of BILLIE IDLE’s ‘MY WAY’?

  1. Found this from a recent festival. There seems to be scant footage of Billie Idle live, which is a great shame, as they seem to be really rather good at it.

  2. Tokyo Girls Update said this was their “first single,” what on earth could that mean? First physical release single? I guess they celebrate that kinda thing in Japan.
    Re: the boots and red braces… forgive them, lord, they know not what they do!

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