You Too Can Get Down with Big Angel’s Diet Song

Oh hey, I almost missed this.

In the middle of their YouTube antics (yep, Big Angel are also YouTube idols now!) they dropped not one, but two music videos for “Diet Hajimenakya”, a dance shot and a close-up shot. How very pre-2012 Hello! Project!

Okay, okay, it’s very low-budget, but at least they were kind enough to provide an English translation so now I know this song is my actual life story right now.

There’s something very tongue-in-cheek about five genuinely overweight ladies (especially compared to what the idol norm of “overweight” seems to be) singing about dieting while proudly flaunting their bodies in skimpy bikinis. It brings back memories of their predecessor Pottya’s final music video where, in a subversion of usual idol bikini shoots, the bigger members showed more skin while the slimmer members were more covered up. Except for this time everyone is equally exposed.

It would have been better if they kept shouty drill instructor trainer Inorin from the live version though.

I hope eventually Big Angel get a bigger music video budget in the future because songs like this are just begging for a fun and playful cinematic, but for now it’s nice to hear a studio version of one of their songs and a dance routine to imitate if you too are struggling with your diet right now. Imitating idol dance shots used to be my go-to fitness method back when they were easily-accessible!