Big Angel Are Lots of Fun

Let’s jump back to a couple of years ago, shall we? When there was a sudden boom (and by that, I mean maybe three groups) in “chubby” idols. Among those was a group named Pottya. If you recognize that name, you either follow me on Twitter or you saw that one post Maniac wrote last year. Their early material was kind of bland, to be honest, but I decided to keep an eye on them because “huh, a plus-sized group who are actually plus-sized and not just idol plus-sized, that’s unusual!” and what do you know? Eventually, they found a style that worked for them, a fun, energetic pop-rock sound in the vein of Buono! or PASSPO and I was like “Wow, these kids are awesome! I can’t wait to see what they do next!” and what happened?

They were obliterated at the tail end of the 2017 idol group purge and I was bitter.

But then, someone had the bright idea to pull a BURST GIRL on Pottya, aka, my favourite members founded a new, very similar project, a successor group of sorts. I was hyped, especially when the remaining lineup was revealed late last week. Say hello to Big Angel, everyone!

So now my final question was “Will they have the same kind of sound that later Pottya material had?”

Thankfully, my question was answered at their debut live this weekend:

These girls know how to have fun! Pottya back in the day were always a fun, cute unit who never took themselves too seriously, but Big Angel appears to have amped this up to 11, having image colours inspired by food such as fried chicken, sausage and mayonnaise, and OG member Inorin shouting “DIET!” at Miicchan as she does sit-ups on stage, and most importantly, Ton the Rice Girl appears to be a potty-mouth.

So, at first glance, Big Angel has potential. Only time will tell if they will end up being Homicidols regulars, but they’re certainly worth keeping an eye on. Follow their Twitter, subscribe to their YouTube, let Ton say fuck, and I’m sorry for the tidal wave of Kerrie posts this week. I’ve been busy.