Okay, Let’s Do Pottya

You guys might think that I just have a very maniacal laser focus on the usual loudol stuff, the videos and groups and Facebook and stuff, but I actually do pay attention to things that you tweet about and talk about otherwise online — that’s who we all find out about new things, word of mouth and all that.

Kerrie, for instance, who is as legit an idol fan as any person alive, was tweeting the other day about Pottya and body image and I thought, I know nothing about any of this and can’t be arsed to look it up right now, but the magic of the Internet is such that I can save things and come back to them.

So. Pottya (Twitter). I knew nothing of them until this video except: a) Kerrie and b) props.

That’s a good-ass song! And while this is first and foremost a music site with a little bit of culture thrown in for good measure, I have to say that I approve wholeheartedly of idols challenging norms of body image and just getting out there for a bikini video for a summer single because damn it all, that’s what idols do.

Does this mean that I need to pay more attention to Pottya going forward? I’m running out of bandwidth!

One thought on “Okay, Let’s Do Pottya

  1. H’oooo boy now here’s a group that needs more love <3

    Pottya are very much a trad-idol group in regards to their musical style, but that said, most of their more recent material has veered towards pop-rock idol, so maybe we'll be seeing more from them in the future?

    This song is really awesome too and deserves attention


    Finally, I got very disappointed when they released a song called Suki Suki Daisuki and it wasn’t a Jun Togawa cover.

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