You Can Feel Good about Getting behind SHiX

As part of the new content strategy that we here on the Editorial Committee call More Random Stuff, I am bringing you this morning an occasional favorite of the Committee that I reckon should resonate at least a little bit more with you genuine chika fans out there.

I speak of course of SHiX, the kind of idol project that has long warranted the occasional look-in but seems to be too scene-oriented to reach the kind of critical media mass that gets Westerners’ attention. Does this help?

That’s live, but more importantly live of their new single, “infection”, which seems like it was a long time in coming and very well may have been; I don’t presume to know what evil lurks in the hearts of indie idols, or exactly what the hell they’re doing when we aren’t paying attention. SHiX could be Shroedinger’s Idol for all I know.

Look at this:

Tell me that you wouldn’t go to see them live, just to see what’s up.