You Can Feel Good about Getting behind SHiX

As part of the new content strategy that we here on the Editorial Committee call More Random Stuff, I am bringing you this morning an occasional favorite of the Committee that I reckon should resonate at least a little bit more with you genuine chika fans out there.

I speak of course of SHiX, the kind of idol project that has long warranted the occasional look-in but seems to be too scene-oriented to reach the kind of critical media mass that gets Westerners’ attention. Does this help?

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What’s SHiX up to?

Ah, SHiX. I feel like I’ve been saying this a lot lately, but: Remember when they were like the darling of the alt set for a hot minute about a year ago? I should hot-key that sentence.

But SHiX! I always genuinely got a kick out of them, with their weird guerilla marketing tactics and definite anti-idol vibe. I count … nine total posts and other references to them since we were first introduced; here’s the most recent actual post, wherein we heard one hell of an unfinished recording.

So, to answer the question in the title:

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SHiX Wants You to Hear This Song So Badly, They Didn’t Even Finish Mixing It

So SHiX, who literally just came up the other day kind of randomly even though I was glad to do it, are putting all of those new members to work already. No, not just stage-idol-buppan stuff, but recording music! And then, possibly because whoever’s running SHiX has a good sense of humor, putting that music online while still in the midst of the production process:

“RoughMIX” is right!

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Indie Idol Wednesday Is Feeling Really Indie Today

I thought that I’d take a minute on a fairly quiet-feeling Indie Idol Wednesday to self-indulgently update the unfeeling public on two projects that I happen to be very pro on.

First up! Good ol’ SHiX, who were the official least valuable players of the Corenament by dint of getting like two votes in the entire conference tourney section. When last we say them, they were a duo and rather adventurous, but still like … idol’s a tough business, you know? Even getting to stick as an indie can be hard.

So good on them for adding a butt-ton of members and rolling with a bunch of new music that will hopefully make its way online soon.

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Drugs Are Bad But Also Good, Kids: Meet ShiX

I may as well eventually get around to clearing out the ol’ backlog of drafts, no? For instance! A few weeks ago now, up popped in the Idolmetal group a new duo going by ShiX (Twitter). The insistence that this be addressed was followed up by Pure Idol Heart very shortly thereafter:

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