Yeah, I Think Hanako-san’s Album Might Be Worth It

Possibly the world’s only grindcore idol, Hanako-san, just released her … I don’t know if “much-anticipated” is half as accurate as “dreaded” or “feared,” but it’s out! Her first album! And the early reviews are that it’s basically inexplicable!

One particularly nice YouTuber snuck a track online. Hold on to your butts.

Good. God. You know, there was a time when the dividing line between hardcore and thrash was a very, very thin one. I think Hanako-san just snorted it.

7 thoughts on “Yeah, I Think Hanako-san’s Album Might Be Worth It

  1. Might…
    We’ll have to hand you the Understatement of the Day award now… 🙂

    *musing* Listening to this I would like to see Hanako backed by other urban legends on stage.

  2. Got this album a couple of days ago, bloody awesome absolutely no one like her and as much as i love Pikarin, Hanako-san shows her how it should be done.
    A must purchase tho’ the first track might make you wince a bit as vocally it’s out of key )probably on purpose).
    Definitely in my top ten of the year so far.

  3. Just wait until you hear “HUMAN DIE!!!!” lol. The album is well worth it. The only drawback I think is the majority of the songs are so short. I guess that just falls in line with traditional metal music in the sense of having either a crazy short song or an epic long song. However although the songs are so short they pack so much intensity in just that small amount of time that you’re almost glad in a way you don’t have to break your neck from all the insane headbanging.

    I really think the Hanako-san idol concept is genius and she does an incredible job of bringing this character into life. She really captures the essence of being a tortured soul in her vocals. Her screams and harsh vocals sound authentic and although her actual singing may be off key at times I think it was intentionally done to paint this picture of her being this tortured character. Sort of like the misunderstood-but-loved, outcast, unconventional weird main character you would see in a Tim Burton style animation.

    Now a horror movie style official MV for one of the songs would be really cool!

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