Witness the Birth of Kaqriyo Terror Architect

Man, you guys, was I mad yesterday when Codomomental’s latest made the official release of their first single and didn’t even have the decency to also release the MV that Manager-san had teased out. Told Terry about it! Don’t worry, quoth he, because Zenkimi and Tsurezure always wait until after, too.

Sensible though such a strategy may be, it does noth–

All is forgiven

I knew that I was ready for Kaqriyo Terror Architect. How ready, and how well-met expectations would be, was always going to be a matter of conjecture, and they could easily go the same route as NSLE and mix things up over the course of their first year, but I like this. I like them where they are. I told Terry that something about them makes me feel like there’s a latent greatness in there, that they could be big. So may this be the beginning of that.

And, with hopefully results that are more Game of Thrones than … well, half of the CBS lineup, Kaqriyo Terror Architect has a second single planned based just on a hours’ worth of response to the first:

I may be embellishing

They also have what has to be the least Codomomental shirt in the history of Codomomental:

Welcome (officially) to the world. According to Arch Enemy, it’s yours if you want it.

3 thoughts on “Witness the Birth of Kaqriyo Terror Architect

  1. Well this should help ameliorate the impending doom that comes 4 days hence.
    Also Yamakamaro (sp?)the one with short black hair is hitting a lot of buttons for me (in a mostly good, but also a little pervy way), into my say indeed.

      • Good move by her then, I’d kinda of forgotten about Bokoura, but it looks like they are down to only 2 members now, so joining Codo whose groups are about as stable as alt-Idol groups get is a smart move if she’s in it for the long haul (by which I mean at least a year).

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