EMPiRE Is Coming, But First This Other Jerk

So while BiS was busy holding a streaming fan club live and reinstating Pour Lui via protest via squat (yes), EMPiRE was being set up for something. Based on the typically cryptic “SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN AT 20:00” tweet that, when coming from WACK, never means what you expect it to, it is nonetheless turned in one’s brain into something fantastical and disappointing all at once. Hell, though unlikely, it could’ve even been a graduation announcement!

Instead, we get the cruelest of all musical teases. Yes, friends, you may in fact get your first listen to an official EMPiRE song, and you may in fact download not only that EMPiRE song and a lyrics sheet, but there’s a catch.

You literally gotta go through Watanabe to get them.

Yeah, JunJun took it upon himself to do just like he did with “Spark” back in the day, and periodically with things here and there over the course of his illustrious career; rather than record an air vocals version or share a demo, he just provided the vocals himself. Voice of an angel! Like one of the less awesome fallen ones, more nephilim:Azazel::Hunt’s:ketchup.

Download the stuff from here, or straight from Soundcloud, which you should be hooking up to anyway because you know they’ll sneak the actual EMPiRE tracks right by you if you don’t.

It’s a little irrational to get too mad — did anybody complain when Daichi voiced Guso Drop in a demo? — but perfectly acceptable and in fact even desirable to hate on Watanabe. He wants you to. He wants you to be all THAT JUNNOSUKE, I THINK HE’S A BIG JERK and nonetheless support everything he manages and buy the stuff. Dude’s Bobby Heenan (RIP), except his charges only wrestle occasionally.

Anyway, I have no idea if this is an actual EMPiRE song, perhaps a theme of theirs, or if it’s just a straight-up troll job, etc. The lyrics, though, sweet baby jeebus.

4 thoughts on “EMPiRE Is Coming, But First This Other Jerk

  1. I’m not mad but there is a pretty big difference between this and the Daichi thing, Daichi actually wrote and produced the music himself and probably made these demos as a guide for the Guso members.

    Anyway seems like EMPIRES style is kinda shit but who knows….

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