Here Are a Whole Bunch More Songs and an MV from CARRY LOOSE

Feeling really unmotivated, folks, but sometimes the best therapy to facing the idoling loss of two of the most important in it to you as one of your favorite groups disbands is to force-listen to and then share via your fancy idol website an ongoing mess of new material from a successor of the group one of those favorites founded almost a decade ago and then the other favorite joined a few years later. You know?

Yeah, I thought that the huge-ass Weekender Idol in Focus entry was timed well enough to sufficiently put a cap on this smorgasbord of individual track releases from CARRY LOOSE, but boy is my face red now! So let’s cope together with this new MV of theirs and listen to it all and download.

Del Amitri should sue!

That’s a fine song. And a fine video. No, Del Amitri shouldn’t sue, that’s silly. I’m tired. Did Kenta write this? It sounds like Kenta or at least one of his acolytes did. Go download it. Oh and they apparently just got a theme song, too. Whoopity-doo!

Here are the other songs since Saturday or thereabouts: