Withdrawn Wednesday #3

I was worried about whether we’d have enough content for this edition of Withdrawn Wednesday in time, to be quite honest. Let’s face it, writing a column on graduated idols can be a difficult task when 90% of graduations result in us getting very little in the way of content. But by gum did Team Homicidols dig and dig this week! We actually have a couple of things to share!

Remember, if you have news on a graduated oshi, or even just a Twitter or Instagram account, let us know before this just turns into the 2017-2018 oshi digest all over again.

Your Graduated Oshi: Where Are They Now?

While Team Homicidols was in church on Sunday, we missed Non‘s (former Deep Girl; former Candye Syrup) announcement that she is returning to idol as a soloist on June 26th.


Yasui Yuuhi Mahiruno Yuzuko dropped a bunch of song covers including this one that made me wonder how she feels about Pour Lui joining her old group.

Is Sari ever going to stop being flawless?

I know I violated the Hello! Project ban last month, but Inoue Hikaru released one of the hardest songs in Hello! Project history, I loved her to death, and this has been a slow fortnight, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Look who attended Kotao‘s art show!

Former Candye Syrup’s Colomo discovered TikTok

I must say, since graduating BiS, Terashima Yufu‘s been thriving! She just celebrated her fifth year as a solo artist and is coming out with a new single soon! Check out her latest music video: