Owaranaide, Yoru Takes Us Beyond the Night Sky Indeed

Misanthropic post-pop nightstalkers Owaranaide, Yoru are very much on the move, gang, and I feel like a group that’s been teasing a ton of potential since their debut last fall in the aftermath of the original Candye Syrup is reaching that point where their pot bubbleth over. Today is a smorgasbord of good things.

First, and frankly quite importantly for getting a better feel for their total aesthetic, their first real-deal MV:

They also dropped a new song on Soundcloud (before, but still):

With lyrics:

Good job, Esteban Pineiro!

They’ll also be adding new members! Bet you didn’t see that one coming. This is happening in a few weeks, on April 6, at this show, which a very special friend online shared:

That’s a very nice lineup

2019 started off as a brutal one for the scene, but the good is definitely starting to outweigh the bad, and what an interesting shape things are taking, too.