Go Buy Zekkyou’s Album, Geez

Hey you guys! The first real-deal Screaming Sixties album is out today, and you were probably already planning on buying it if you were aware of that fact; if you are just learning that fact, there’s a good chance that you now want to buy that album. Good thinking! And if you are the kind of dunderhead who needs more encouragement despite previously existing awareness of Zekkyou, why, perhaps this very full album trailer will inspire you to make better life decisions!

Very nice to include those clips of Maina from the MV!

I don’t have anything to add, except that I want the MV/s that’ll be accompanying this release, and I want it/them now. For Kai and Montero, who’ve worked as hard as anybody can in this wild business. And for me, and my honor. I allowed myself to temper my expectations, and now I must perform all due penance.

Zekkyou is good.