Why, There *Is* New BBTS Live Video This Morning

How was everybody’s weekend? Pretty okay? I’m really not looking forward to getting back to the grind today. Work is dumb! So loud things, those are good things right now.

Broken By The Scream’s SCREAMING RHAPSODY is finally hitting stores on Wednesday, and while what follows here isn’t a full-blown MV per se, it’s a whole song’s worth of a live cut!

via my dude as always

Even if you’re not a regular BBTS follower, you still may be familiar with the track from the EP’s preview from what feels like ages ago — or maybe more from the trailer for their first one-man — and you may have rightly been excited about the release at the time, which means that now you’re re-yearning to have Io and Kagura stand on either side of you and take turns screaming at your head.

That’s how stereo headphones work, after all

Now the real work start, BBTS. Your record will be out, and people will have it, and they will immediately expect more.