The Continued Existence of SAKA-SAMA Gives Me Life

Of all of the things to ever follow on cross-platform social, getting into Trash-Up!! has got to be one of the better decisions that you can make; the do-it-all zine/promoter/record company/metaphysical scene hangout is such great nesting ground for some of the most interesting stuff in idol, whether part of the main roster or connected through the various media that the company produces. NECRONOMIDOL, Dots, Minna no Kodomo-chan and more have all been Trash-Up!!-related without being Trash-Up!!-affiliated.

The main roster is always good as hell, too, though mercurial in its composition (because idol). For example? Avandoned. And SAKA-SAMA, whose blessing of the world with new live video is the impetus for this post!

They’re so damn great. And are they still working with La La Sugar? Of course they are!

Two days pass, and I have no idea what the actual membership of this group is anymore.