Who’s Even Left for Babymetal to Make Friends With?

This is a true story: Last night, I drove a long-ass way so as to finally see Rammstein play live. It wasn’t a bad decision at all! And the venue at Jones Beach and the atmosphere and the sheer monstrous volume and fire and fire and German of it all had me wondering a few times how cool it might be to have certain idols — for instance, Babymetal — perform there. And, hell, given that Babymetal’s latest thing is to do on-stage collaborations with the acts that host them on tour, what would it look like for them to do something with the loudest and metallest of them all?

I drove home last as hell (hence why the first post of the day is quite late!) and was settling in when my question was at least partly answered:

You just know that my love of portmanteau is screaming for the opportunity to call this ‘Kornymetal’ and open the floodgates of hell

Now, leave poor Newswire alone for the one misidentification there; they’re making up for it. But yeah, whereas I never believed that I’d see Su-metal get her groove on with the Chili Peppers (or Chad Smith become an honorary Kami), or people like Vinnie Paul and Corey Taylor full-on embrace the Kitsune Warriors, here we are. I guess we missed out on dueling vocals with Axl Rose, or having Corey get in on “Catch Me If You Can,” but.

And back to the original question, if Su-metal can be crucified on stage while gouts of flame spit into the air, she can easily be suspended from Till’s angel contraption while the twins dance below like witches around a maypole. It’d be amazing. I do, however, want Till and the rest of Rammstein to be kept very, very far away not just from Babymetal, but, like, all people under the age of 22.

6 thoughts on “Who’s Even Left for Babymetal to Make Friends With?

  1. Kornymetal?
    I think The One is going with Kami Korn. Like candy corn?
    And Munky-Metal will have me smiling to myself for days.

  2. I think the more interesting question is who are they actually going to collaborate on a song with next?
    My money is still on Skrillex.

    • There it is. Get all the metal heavyweights to support you; make your next move on the club kids. Though Skrillex is kind of all over the place anymore, so all kinds of wild things could result.

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