Here’s a Whole Awful Mess of Cure Live

You guys know that I love me some Cure, and that I also love me live video, and that I additionally also love me chances to share good content without having to work very hard — as mentioned earlier, I am quite tired this morning! — and Viz Major sharing this set of videos yesterday provides exactly that.

Cure had themselves a one-man of sorts, with (most of) the new lineup, and frankly in a nicer venue than I’m used to seeing them play. It also includes some material that I’m not as familiar with (which, great, please do more new stuff):

I’d have just made a playlist, but I was feeling more than a little lazy

As the Viz points out, new member Tenri isn’t involved due to health, but fortunately did make it to their two-man with Guso Drop, where of course all sorts of shenanigans ensued:

Somebody really needs to intervene at these Guso lives. Chaos is all well and good, but somebody could get hurt!