I Find Things: Ritsuka

I spied this the other day while putting together all that & Crazy business, and accordingly wanted to hold on to it for a little while because, you know, this is not and probably won’t ever be & Crazyblog.

Anyway! This is Ritsuka (really?), a member of the Grati Innovation roster who spends her time off recording solo idol singles and shooting videos at uncomfortable levels of zoom:

That’s not a bad song, right? It’s not setting the world on fire, but you could put it on a playlist and suddenly find your head bobbing a little while staring at that stupid spreadsheet for a second hour and wishing that anything other than another spreadsheet waited at the other end of the process, and you’d check your chosen playback device and see “Ritsuka” there and be all “Oh, right, I put that on here. Not the worst choice!” And then you’d go back to the stupid spreadsheet because work is the worst but homelessness is the worstest.

Ritsuka, everybody! She also happens to remind me that not only do I adore idol profiles on agency websites (they use the metric system to get you to believe that anybody’s listed height is anything other than “short”), but I adore even more the ridiculous idol glamour photos that show up on rosters.

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