When You’re Watanabe, Your Week Has a Theme

WACK never sleeps, apparently, and nor does its somewhat eponymous founder have time for your shenanigans or judgment. In fact, he stacked up extremely Watanabe moments for the week and delivered like has never seemed possible — and it’s only Wednesday, good lord.

This is a music website, so the most important news is that the latest flavor of BiS (to which I do refer derisively but actually find myself more in love with all the time) is releasing a new album, and here’s the first track, which you can download until the 10th on the link here, and also listen to in perpetuity:

Good lord where has BiS been keeping all of the super-fun music all this time? Hell, where have they been keeping the BiS? BiS2, in whichever iterative framework you want to take it and no matter how much a few standout personalities marked that time, just never quite felt like what BiS had staked out as uniquely BiS territory; BiS3, all the way back to the first furtive preview tracks, has packed way more fun, enthusiasm and ribald sneers into every little step they’ve taken. Hell, convince me that okay-maybe-too-on-the-nose-refrain-aside you can’t hear this one on WHO KiLLED IDOL? — you can’t.

But that’s not all! This wonderful song (that, please, I beg you, don’t turn that into some wota thing) is going to be part of the yes-it’s-already-here second BiS3 album due out in February, and yes of course, this is WACK, they have a 24-hour event coming up at the end of this month. Where would you really be without WACK being WACK? Details, in case you want ’em.

At any rate, “kiss my ass” couldn’t be more WACK for better or worse, and what did we find our intrepid evil genius up to this week? How about visiting the UK and getting drunk with fans?

Last seen in Edinburgh! And apparently telling people things in confidence and so sweetly believing that such confidence will be kept. Even if his ultimate purpose in the UK remains mysterious for now, I can think of no more Watanabe moment than showing up in another country and drinking with people from Twitter. If you happen upon everybody’s braying jackass, snap a selfie and give him a high-five for ol’ Maniac.