When That XTEEN Finally Hits

Gods, I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like forever, right up to openly complaining about such just last week — XTEEN, who are the lone dedicated horror punk idols in existence, who claim the Misfits as inspiration and are always tweeting about old school bands, had released their “ROMANTICIST” single somewhat recently, but did so without the benefit of a video to promote.

And boy did that make me sore! I mean, they can do whatever they want and conduct their business accordingly, but I’m an impatient person at times and like when anticipated schedules come together. Such was not the case this time! And then, poof, yesterday: “ROMANTICIST” finally hit:

Yes, Mary’s Blood guitarist confirmed

Misfits-like? I guess if you can envision Glenn Danzig in a skirt! I actually dig the song more when I take the “horror punk” thing seriously. I do kind of wish the video had more of a story to it, or at least visuals that correspond to the concept, but you take what you can get with chika idols sometimes, stage blood being like $2 at the costume store notwithstanding.