Your Homicidols Weekender #108

Happy Saturday, friends! Have you had a chance to weigh in on final nominees for the Best of 2018? I’ll leave that open until noon just in case, but things close up after that so that Team (mostly Kerrie!) can get things organized for voting next week. I’m thinking, we’ll probably do the same rolling thing as last year, to space things out.

I’ll save bigger reflections for when we get to do the real Year in Review, but I think this might be the last real good regular week of the year. It was a good one! There have been bigger Weekenders over the last couple of years, but few as dense as this one. It’s like 2018 wanted to go out with a slow-burning bang, and who can blame it? That was basically the theme.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have some winter wonderland stuff to take care of. Play the Fun, give this glut of idolness a perusal, and prepare for what I think is going to be the best round of annual awards we’ve ever had.

That’s What You Think!

Listen to this amazing amiinA album trailer:

Permanent theme for Homicidols Dot Com or naw?

I scoff at those who scoff at the Corenament:

And speaking of festivals, I figure that this one ought to interest folks ’round these parts:

Koutei Camera Girl Drei, have mercy:

Anybody else following from? Here’s the membership latest:

That NECRONOMIDOL/NEMLESSS project has a name and art:

Here’s Yanakoto Sotto Mute, uh, mixing their own record?

Which is way more interesting than this Payrin’s short that I got way too geeked up for:

I sometimes watch BiSH clips like this and think about the group that debuted in front of like 20 people at HeavySick Zero:


Another new mishmash clip:

That amazing Hikari Shiina song is actually an official single, go get it:

The triumph of Not Secured, Loose Ends and their new lineup’s first one-man:

Coming soon:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Marionet because they’ve been posting live video that’s worth looking at. That’s it!

Who else remembers when Dots had nine members?

Quite a bit going on in this Toriena track:

I’m starting to think that we’re never going to get a real MV out of the new JyuJyu album, so here’s a live clip from the tour finale instead:

And from the brand-new Kimi no Mawari!

Here’s what that new Codomomental group’s going to look like:

Our girl Ten Tenko scoring the big international accolades:

Fuka from Qumali Depart is in this thing!

This one from NEO JAPONISM was just too nice to post on its own:

Did we swing and miss at one of You’ll Melt More!’s best efforts?

More from the mistress:

New from KING RAGE:

When idols are allowed to wear the outfits of their friends:

Very literally, listen to Broken By The Scream:

Gods help us:

Have a great weekend!