If You Hadn’t Caught the New XTEEN Yet, Now You Have

I’ll admit, I was kind of confused yesterday when I took a few minutes to open up YouTube and gather some stuff for the Weekender, because right there on my home screen was this big, blaring new thing from XTEEN. “Hey wait a minute” I said to myself, “I don’t remember seeing anything about this and hasn’t it been a little while since they released that single?” And the answer is yes! And after a moment’s confusion about why now for the MV, I realized first that, this is idol, it does what it does, but then also I recalled the literal song about Friday the 13th that’s on the record, and it all made sense then.

So here you go! Your luck was actually pretty good yesterday after all:

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The Evolution of XTEEN

The worst thing about not having time for your #1 pastime in life (idol) is always feeling out of the loop. So it was yesterday, when I caught a few spare minutes and was cruising through Twitter to find interesting material for the Weekender, and lo and behold caught this tweet from XTEEN. It doesn’t seem like much more than standard-issue boasting of the type that certain chika corners will get into, but XTEEN’s always been the best at that and hell, there must be more to this clip and link and stuff. What could it be? What have I been missing? Well, friend, let’s look at it, and oh holy heck look, I made a post this week!


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Miss iD2020 Semifinals: Familiar Faces and New Favorites

Miss iD, the annual “not a beauty pageant or freak show”, recently announced their semifinal field of 158 girls-at-heart (age ranges from teens to 30s). Familiar faces currently competing for the Miss iD2020 Grand Prix title include chika idols:

  • YONEKO (current soloist, former Bellring Girls Heart and MIGMA SHELTER)
  • Komachi Fujinomiya (current GuGu-LuLu, former MIGMA SHELTER)
  • Yulian (XTEEN and Heisei Haka-Arashi)

YONEKO, who has made several overtures to Western fans in the past few months, has personally appealed for our assistance:


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When That XTEEN Finally Hits

Gods, I’ve been waiting for this for what feels like forever, right up to openly complaining about such just last week — XTEEN, who are the lone dedicated horror punk idols in existence, who claim the Misfits as inspiration and are always tweeting about old school bands, had released their “ROMANTICIST” single somewhat recently, but did so without the benefit of a video to promote.

And boy did that make me sore! I mean, they can do whatever they want and conduct their business accordingly, but I’m an impatient person at times and like when anticipated schedules come together. Such was not the case this time! And then, poof, yesterday: “ROMANTICIST” finally hit:

Yes, Mary’s Blood guitarist confirmed

Misfits-like? I guess if you can envision Glenn Danzig in a skirt! I actually dig the song more when I take the “horror punk” thing seriously. I do kind of wish the video had more of a story to it, or at least visuals that correspond to the concept, but you take what you can get with chika idols sometimes, stage blood being like $2 at the costume store notwithstanding.

XTEEN What’s Next

So funnily enough, right after declaring my bearishness on XTEEN for all the world to see, they go out and update their membership rolls as of Ichica’s grad show and make it known that they’re not going anywhere thanks to a fresh release on the long horizon. Still bearish, though! Metal idol hasn’t panned out as well as punk. Nonetheless, if you want to know what’s up, John to the rescue.

XTEEN have had a few line up changes. Starting out as a 5 girl unit, they lost one almost right off the bat. Then they lost a couple members, gained one member. That was all cool, it happens. Now it seems we have lost another member, but we have gained a couple more. What is […]

via XTEEN – More Changes And Release Coming — Straight From Japan

Let’s Talk about the XTEEN MV

So after XTEEN finally got some material out there for the world, they followed up with the release of their debut single and, naturally, an MV to accompany it. This is all about as surprising as rain falling in Seattle. You may have noticed that I’ve been a little distracted lately, so rather than make a big thing of it, I’ll just lean on John’s heavy lifting.
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Finally, XTEEN

I started to follow XTEEN (Twitter) a while back at John’s suggestion, and have furtively been keeping half-assed tabs on them since. Debutantes usually aren’t worth the trouble (there are multitudes), but something about a Misfits-loving horrorcore project just spoke to the Maniac in me. It took a little while, but they dropped the trailer for their debut single the other day:

Thanks for the reminder, PIH

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