The Friday Fun That Nobody’s Buying

Phew! I almost forgot about this until good guy Maniac poked me and said “Hey lazybones, you think just because you got to talk to Necroma last week you can start slacking off?” Praise be the Maniac.

Anyway, here’s last week’s highlights:

Do you think it’s been too long since I used a Friday Fun to make fun of the WACKy old fool himself Junnosuke Watanabe? Or has it been too recent? I can’t actually remember. But whatever, I was looking at the new BiSH merch and what the hell is this?

Does anyone actually want this? This is coming from someone who actually bought those NECRONOMIDOL underpants.

Safe to say, the Watanabe bag has been a thing of mockery and debate amongst some members of the alt-idol fandom.

But mostly just me.

Which inspired this week’s Friday Fun, what other idol merch that nobody wants can we expect in the future? Or perhaps there was an actual idol item in the past that you don’t understand? Use the hashtag #IdolMerchNoOneWants and we’ll see which of those I actually would buy!