We’ve Never Talked about Eren-chan. Let’s Fix That.

You know, I love referrals. Like this!

This sounds like a challenge.

Actually, who we’re talking about is Eren-chan (Twitter, Twitter), a solo idol who’s been kicking around the underground for a little while. And it’s not like she’s been out of notice or anything — I’ve brought her up a few times in context of other things and was even getting some info on her from Jul a little while back — I just never really got a big push to do it. But it’s still Wednesday, and she’s an indie idol (for now), and I can make that work for the same of sharing cool stuff! Cool stuff like this:

That’s the whole album with Carbonic Acid. Nice work. But Eren’s pretty prolific on her own, as you can see from her discography; she released these two albums simultaneously back in April:

Very good! This is particularly of note because Eren’s maybe not so indie anymore — in an event that seems like it might be kind of noteworthy (as in, I’ll post about it in the next couple of days), she got picked up by Perfect Music, part of a pretty substantial haul for the company that feels like a little bit of an alt-idol power move. More on that when the time comes.

But this is about Eren, and this is what she’s like live:

Dig this:

Happy Wednesday, everybody!