Queen of the Scene, Day 3

Welcome to Day 3 of Queen of the Scene! Day 2 was basically Judgement Day — KOTO and Momo, your contributions are great, but your results in this competition have been disappointing, and you’re out. I’d apologize, but, like, be more popular.

As for Pour Lui, she lost, again, the same way she alw–

“nerve” hits!

Oh my dog …

“Homicidol Maniac, I demand justice! That wasn’t a fair fight! You make me take on Aina after all of the abuse I suffered the day before? That–”

Just stop, Lui. You’re clearly not the Queen, not anymore. This is embarrassing.

“It’s not embarrassing! Who’s embarrassed? Nobody, that’s who. Now I’m going to sit here and I’m going to wait and I’m going to do this –”

Pour Lui SCREAMS into the mic like an unholy cat

“– every two minutes until I get another match. I can still win this!”

Homicidol Maniac scans the crowd. People look bored.

All right, fine. I’ll give you a match.

It’s Time for a Swerve

Pour Lui’s being a big child, so let’s treat her like one and give her exactly what she wants in a totally Faustian bargain. We currently have 12 contestants; I’d like for that to get down to eight through the course of today. Let’s use the swerve planned for today to make this problem go away for once and for all.

Current Standings

  • Ano: 50 pts
  • Sari: 50 pts
  • Yurapiko: 40 pts
  • Hanako-san: 40 pts
  • Kakizaki Risaki: 30 pts
  • Beni: 20 pts
  • Wakapiku: 20 pts
  • Aina the End: 20 pts
  • Ten Tenko: 10 pts
  • Ayuni D: 10 pts
  • Imada Yuna: 10 pts
  • Su-metal: 0 pts

Eliminated Like Losers

  • Rinahamu
  • Pour Lui
  • Pan Luna Leafy
  • Momose Momo
  • KOTO

You know what we haven’t had yet? A proper battle royale. Let’s do that. But let’s do it big.

There are 12 idols remaining. All 12 are going to start in the ring. Every time two of them cross the 10-point threshold, the least among them all (up to multiples!) will be tossed out. Simple, right?

Except that idols are going to be added every 20 minutes until 20 total have entered! Pour Lui will be one of them; the other seven, well, you’ll have to wait and see. These extra entries, they won’t score any points themselves, but they’ll be able to make life miserable for the pretenders among this final 12 … unless, of course, they win. Should that happen (please no), they’re in with the points they’ve accrued, and the least points-having contestant among them gets eliminated.

Pour Lui, if you’re able to survive until the final four, you get 50 points. Everybody else, you get 10 points for every total competitor who’s eliminated when you’re still in. That means that the final, absolute winner will get a whopping 190 points and will have an almost assured place in the final.

The top eight at the end of this survive, whoever they are. Some of you are on borrowed time already.

Votes reset after each elimination — vote early and often! When it resets, click the Change Vote link at the bottom of the widget to have your record rest.

/sound of record scratching

Say, you know what? This is taking forever. To avoid me having a fit and just ending the match, let’s throw in one half of Ladybaby and make it a little bit easier for idols to get thrown out onto their asses.

  • 1st out: Wakapiku. What a disappointment. This does not bode well for you.
  • Big upset! Ten Tenko hulked up and tossed Ichigo, Tsukino Moa … and Ano. The plot thickens!
  • And Risaki gets tossed by Ten Tenko, who is absolutely on fire!
  • Tenten stays ham, and out go Montero and Beni. Is she … naw, it can’t be.
  • Shiori takes the record for fastest elimination! Tenten with the kill, but a lot of help from newcomer Kuromiya Rei!
  • Sayonara, Sari!
  • Wave goodbye, Watanabe!
  • Hanako-san bit the dust
  • Then Yurapiko
  • Then YONEKO
  • And then a long-ass lull until the referee called it for humanitarian reasons

7 thoughts on “Queen of the Scene, Day 3

  1. I swear to God, Russo …
    This is more complicated than a King of the Mountain match.
    What’s next, a Championship Scramble where the last idol to get a vote wins?
    Only no one knows when the voting ends.

  2. I think something on my end might be broken. Since this whole ordeal has started last week I have not seen a single reset of any kind. I know this one is supposed to reset when somebody gets 10 votes so we will see. Ano has 9 right now, shouldn’t be long.

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