The Latest New BURST GIRL Is Almost Too Nice

“Awesome, new BURST GIRL MV!” went the general refrain through Team chat on Wednesday. Yours truly didn’t have the time or mental space or general wherewithal to do anything with that, not then, but I did know: a) BURST GIRL! and b) I was going to want to do something with it, and even went so far as to make sure that nobody else was working on a piece. And, finally, the day winding down, I tracked down the link and figured I’d give it a spin while I finished up some work.

If I tell you that I promptly got annoyed because stupid YouTube played something else from my queue and not the awesome throat-stomping BURST GIRL song that it was supposed to play, how much of my ass am I showing you?

Let’s talk about “miracle story”! Or, rather, let’s first talk about why you should never go on hiatus from your fancy idol website — when you do, that’s apparently when a bunch of stuff gets released and then half a year later MVs and stuff happen for it and you fell like an idiot using the word “new” even though it is in fact all entirely new for you. ANYWAY. That’s for the third time in two weeks the case here, with BURST GIRL dropping a singles that I didn’t even know existed back in May, and then … like, it’s not like they haven’t done anything in the interim, it’s that I’m used to chika idol and a lot of things being very one-offy, so various MVs or singles existing in relative isolation is totally normal. To me, everything about “miracle story” was and is new.

But back to the story, and its aftermath: After I confirmed that this entirely nice pop rock idol song was in fact from BURST GIRL, I virtually held it in my hands and examined it in befuddlement. Like, I thought that maybe somebody was playing a joke, and in the video there’d be Waka punching the hell out of a clown or something. Nope! EVEN THE MV IS SUPER NICE. It’s all just so nice. I’d play this for my mother. But first I’m going to play it a bunch more times for myself.