Tsubasa Fly’s Label Dropped a Ton of PVs Yesterday

I didn’t even notice until a late look-through of Twitter, but Tsubafula’s right now kicking off their one-man tour to promote the “Ray of Hope” single that seems a lot more like an EP but whatever. And with that, a whole bunch of goodies:

Here’s … actually, I’m not entirely sure what this is except some promo for recordings of solo songs for each of the members:

So sort of like Billie Idle’s four-way EP?

Next, here’s a still PV of the actual “Ray of Hope” release:

So idol rock and popcore and nu-metal on the same disk? Amazing.

Nexter, we have a trailer for a short film that stars the members:

And what better way to promote all of that than a street live?

2 thoughts on “Tsubasa Fly’s Label Dropped a Ton of PVs Yesterday

  1. Yay! I’;m glad to see them doing more things! Just added a couple of songs of theirs to me playlist I constantly listen to (^^)

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