Tsubasa Fly’s ‘END OF THE DAY’ Is Like the End of the World

In no way am I trying to underestimate Tsubafula‘s ability to get nasty with their sound, but I’ll admit that I never in my life thought I’d hear them drop some actual by-gods metalcore:

“END OF THE DAYS” is, I believe, the C-side (is that a thing?), the third track, on Tsubasa Fly’s fifth single, “Ray of Hope,” which is waaaay closer to what most people probably expect from them. I still kind of can’t believe that they busted that out; musically and visually, I was having flashbacks to Momoiro Clover Z and You’ll Melt More! at the beginning, or maybe something that doofuses believe that Babymetal does, and then it’s just violent verses and pretty clean choruses and hell, cool song!

The single goes on sale tomorrow, or right now in Japan, so you’ll be able to buy it! It would make these hard-working idols happy.

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