This Is All of DAIDAIDAI’s First One-man

No one single thing in the past week got me as excited to acknowledge a YouTube notification as this. I love DAIDAIDAI, have championed them from their birth (two years ago!), have eagerly waited for a chance to completely immerse myself in their soundscapes, the kind of thing that really only works when you’re seeing a live, rather than catching up on clips from fans’ cameras or the errant MV. And today, a pro-shot (of sorts). It feels like victory.

It’s a shame that there are somehow limits on just how much success a group like DAIDAIDAI can earn, a single one-man in two years’ time, because goshdarn are they something else. Not everything is a heavy-fest — in fact, some of their best work is more in the composition of the beats and the total production of a track than any one thing blowing your ears out — but almost everything they do just feels different. I’ve always thought that their lives had to be kind of otherworldly, noisy and chaotic and strobed to the nth degree, piling up sensory stresses to wring ecstasies from the wota.

Regardless of whether you get the same kind of impression: Here you go. You can now say that you witnessed a full live from DAIDAIDAI. Pick me up a shirt at the merch stand on your way out.