Let’s Continue to Get Down with QUEENS

I’m so annoyed with myself that getting back around to this new QUEENS MV took until Saturday, but so it goes, friends, and frankly it’s worth the wait. How frank? This frank:

Tasty indeed!

By way of reminder for more elder members of our community, refresher for newbs and point of fact for those of you who are rocking the hell out of the Babymetal post the way that I waste time looking up episode reviews of The Good Place (spoiler alert: It’s a really smart and funny show!) and are lurking on other posts out of curiosity: QUEENS is formed in part from the post-graduation wreckage of PIIIIIIIN, which had ceased to exist when QUEENS was formed, but does exist again now with different members because idol. Circle of life.

This is their second single (out Wednesday!). If you recall the first, we had cool idorock; this is more making idorock cool. Or “dance rock,” their preferred nomenclature. It does not “slap” as the kids say, but it does make me want to awkwardly dance like the protagonist’s best friend in an 80s coming-of-age dramedy not associated with John Hughes.

The first QUEENS one-man will be next weekend. While idol can sometimes be an enervating slog, it’s these moments of triumph that give me heart. Rock on, you crazy diamonds.