This Is a New Poison Rat Video, Hell Yes

Holy smokes, you guys, remember when literally a year ago I frantically posted about this new thing called Poison Rat? I enjoyed that a good bit, they got some good play, I wound up making a draft for a thing of theirs that I wound up not actually doing because I was on vacation, fun times had by many. In continuing to prove that Nagoya has arguably the most intense(ly loud) chika scene, while Poison Rat hasn’t been the most prolific project on the planet, they do have video for us, and it’s an excellent trip into what they do and how they do it:

It’s not a new song (if you follow them at all, you know that it definitely isn’t), and there isn’t a pending release that I know of, so I’m guessing that they did it just to do it, which is often the purest and bestest reason to do anything. And, at just past the group’s one-year mark, I suppose the timing is right.

Of course, I can’t do Poison Rat without thinking of:

The world needs more midicore, and idols are the perfect delivery vehicle for it. May these particular vermin conquer all before them.