Turning Idol in Commuter Reading in the Friday Fun

Friday already? No problem!

You know what is a problem though? Those uncanny face swaps!

This is another instance where I forget what day it is and scramble through the old “Friday Fun Ideas Sheet” for anything useable. Well, let’s see…

#IdolLightNovels — That time we imagined idol units were given names like Japanese light novel titles i.e “I made another idol unit named BiS again because nobody stops me” “Ricky-san wants a Lovecraft-themed idol unit and now oshi’s undead”.

Well, I don’t know which Homicidols contributor came up with that one, but sure! Describe an idol like the title of a cheesy light novel (or anime based off a light novel). Tweet with #IdolLightNovels, and kudos to who added that idea to the list.