Poison Rat, Despite the Name, Is Good

In the spirit of leveraging TIF to continue to play catch-up on the vast array of new idols and new acts this glorious Year of Our Oshi 7,429, I’m–

What do you mean, this one isn’t at TIF? Why the heck am I bothering then?


Say hi to Poison Rat (Twitter), who I apparently started following a while ago? No idea. They’re Nagoya-based (of course they are), and like Zekkyou an idol project protruding horn-like from the head of a band, with the membership (in this case, the leader, Murasaki) taking care of lyrical duties.

As with all things in life, there are key shades of difference between chika idol types; for every we-do-this-all-ourselves early Under Beasty, there are like 30 some-guy-with-money-and-a-vision-put-it-together acts, but also like 0.4 the-guy-with-money-and-a-vision-is-a-band projects, and the latest tends to be a potent admixture, at least in terms of quality, likely due to giving more of a damn about the quality of the song that you write for the talent. Like, the proof is in the pudding with this lot:

Enjoy the Year of the Debuting Good Idol while it lasts!