This Friday Fun Celebrates the Other Thing You Waste Too Much Time On

Last week, we probably made Watanabe cry!

It’s E3 this week! As someone who has been waiting six god damn years for a new Animal Crossing game, I for one will definitely be staying tuned, and I know many of you will be too! So, this weekend let’s celebrate the two things I’ll be tweeting about most this week; video games and idols.

I’m pretty certain we did this before already, but hey, there’s only so much meme material you can think of before you have to loop back around again. So there you go.

There’s plenty of idol games out there, actually. Mostly smartphone games. And a really bizarre AKB48 zombie shooter. Let’s create more, worthy of taking the E3 stage!

This week’s hashtag is #IdolVideoGames, while we’re all waiting for Sailor Zombie 2.