Your Homicidols Weekender #134

Holy shit, it’s Saturday. Thank fucking CHRIST that I don’t have to go into an office today, and definitely didn’t have to do it at the ass crack of dawn, and definitely won’t be there until after happy hour ends and listen there’s no reason to ever go out in DC on a weeknight unless it’s for happy hour unless you also happen to be under the age of 24 because don’t ever let anyone fool you the only thing in DC more overrated than the food scene is the nightlife and, my goodness, did I need the benefit of a few drinks and the company of people who weren’t my co-workers this week. Good time for travel schedules to mean that I’d be the sole resident of Maniac Mansion!

Yeah, I’m gassed. I did manage to pay enough attention to do a halfway decent Weekender, if I do say so myself. It’s weird, though, not doing any posting at all for that length of time — it felt like I was leaving a part of myself aside. Fortunately, not a whole lot of particular interest was going on, so my weird feels only went so far!

Enjoy this thing, then, and do go play the Fun, and then, it being Pride Month and all, do something cool and supportive with your friends or family or scenemates — to say nothing of the many idols themselves — for whom the month exists. It’s good and fun!

Unless You Aren’t Here for Fun

I don’t know how familiar you are with MAPLEZ-affiliated project NEMURIORCA, but here’s easily the most enjoyable thing they’ve done so far:

Because she’s too under the radar to make much ado about most of the time and she’ll always be a favorite anyway, here’s a photo of the always-impeccably-outfitted Ophelia 20mg:

Wagamama Rakia actually has quite a bit going on, and this encapsulates some of it, but man do I love this look for some reason:

Happy thirdiversary to the greatest thing ever produced by idol:

Ongoingly released buGG songs!

A casual reminder about the greatness of Minna no Kodomo-chan:

Good to have you back and loud, XTEEN:

Come on, Lein, do more music or something:

Idol in Focus

This week’s Idol in Focus is Melon Batake a go go for one actually several reasons, but all directly connected and hell, this week was slow as molasses, let’s give it to them. For firsts, ZEPP one-man decided!

Also they changed their artist photo to look a little less like they’re being produced in Soze’s apartment, which still may be true but probably isn’t something that the label wants to let on:


I had another Bury thing here, but oop:

Meanwhile in AIBECK land:

Shiori is the gift that keeps on giving:

I have no idea what’s happening with Ichiho and these wota:

LiLii Koana is so dang good:

I got faked out so hard by the tweets around this BiSH teaser, ngl:

Speaking of so dang good, have this full live from Kaishin no Ichigeki:

Happiness is Zenbu Kimi no Sei Da out flyering:

Have a great weekend!