This DisDol Song Is a Straight Rocker

It’s starting to feel like we could wait just about forever for Dissenter Dolls to release a real-deal MV or, Bob forbid, an album, but they’re good at obliging fans’ bloodlust by periodically dropping these live videos as they get more and more songs completed.

Here’s “Pretty Girl,” which was going along innocently enough until the riffs started to happen and my head bobbed a little and people looked at me like I was weird.

It’s good. Leave me alone.

DisDol, I implore you: Don’t be one of those groups that churns out material and then never does very much with it. We like you; we want to love you.

2 thoughts on “This DisDol Song Is a Straight Rocker

  1. I think DISDOL sounded better as 4 member group. 7 members seems unecessary & excessive, it makes them sound less focussed & a little bit sloppy.
    I think they sounded best as a 4 piece on the 2nd song which is my favorite by them on this live vid 2015 3 9 渋谷duo despite the initial sound quality problems of the 1st song that seem to go away after awhile.
    DISDOL 2015 3 9 渋谷duo

    • Just wait until they introduce their 16th member and first official subunit, Cherry’s Dissent, a dubstep-influence thrashcore unit that only performs on Sundays and only outdoors.

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