These New Idols Ain’t Anybody’s Puppet: Marionet

Man, catching up on stuff has been hard! We’re now fully into idol’s busy season, in case you couldn’t tell, so every time that I think I’m going to be be able to catch up on several older items at once, nope, not happening, too much else going on. I’m not going to complain — in fact, I’m embracing it, because it makes things that I do try to catch up on either faster or in-geological-terms immediately that much more special.

One area for catch-up? New units. There are a lot of them! Many of them pretty good in fact! I must have a couple of dozen that I could be posting up and don’t just because there isn’t time for it all. In some cases, though, I’m making exceptions. Like, for instance, Marionet, who actually haven’t debuted yet, but for whom I’ll make an exception to the usual semi-rule because they’ve at least had the good sense to preview some of their music:

There’s another reason, though, and it’s that the roster includes one very familiar face:

Fumimi! Yes, the inimitable (and bestie of Shh It’s Still Real Official Oshi Saki) Hoshina Fumimi has joined up, which I’m going to go ahead and admit is a genuine surprise, given how long Fumimi held out as a solo performer even through the toughest of times for ol’ Daichi. I guess it was time to do something new and different!

(She’s not giving up her solo stuff totally, I guess, because she has a new official account for Being Fumimi.)

This is pretty cool, another late-breaking high-quality debut for the year. It should be cool to see where this goes.