Can Inception Be a Friday Fun?

Huh? What’s that? Uh…


Look guys, I’m gonna be frank with you. I’m exhausted. A lot of stuff has happened this week, personally. I don’t think I’ve slept in 3 days. And while that’s good for writing nonsensical album reviews that turn into terrible fanfiction (stay tuned!), it’s not that good for much else. Originally I was just going to unload this week’s Fun onto some other poor sap while I get some needed shut-eye, but instead, I’m going for an even lazier option, aka, digging through the Friday Fun archives for stuff we’ve already done but hopefully long enough that nobody really cares.

And well, on the subject of sleep deprivation- okay, maybe just sleep, let’s talk about dreams. In the rare times I actually do get any sleep, bonkers dreams involving my favourite idols (as well as some people I really dislike or feel totally indifferent towards, but mostly idols) are common. But I’ve done my bit of oversharing. Now do your part. Had any fun idol dreams lately? Tweet ’em to us! Hashtag is #DreamingIdols. I don’t think that’s the same hashtag as last time but honestly I just want to sleep now. Goodnight.