There’s a New Tsuichro Track That’s Worth Your Time

Actually, in truth, the thing’s about a week old at this point, but I’ve been lackadaisical lately and waiting for a lot of things to just come to me as opposed to, you know, posting as hard as possible all of the time. It’s a sustainability strategy, see.

But! I’m going to bet that you haven’t in fact heard this song yet, and therefore do have at least some interested vested in hearing a slightly elder Tsuioku no Monochrome (demo sans vocals) track:

I feel like more idols, especially indie ones, need to be convinced of the merits of Soundcloud. It’s gotta be the easiest damn platform for sharing content, has no region blocking that I know of and frankly beats the pants off of random video clips shared on Twitter. For instance:

That’s the Tsuichro experience, if you were curious. And if you weren’t, you learned something anyway!

This has been a public service provided by, The Hard Side of Idol.