There’s a New Tsuichro Track That’s Worth Your Time

Actually, in truth, the thing’s about a week old at this point, but I’ve been lackadaisical lately and waiting for a lot of things to just come to me as opposed to, you know, posting as hard as possible all of the time. It’s a sustainability strategy, see.

But! I’m going to bet that you haven’t in fact heard this song yet, and therefore do have at least some interested vested in hearing a slightly elder Tsuioku no Monochrome (demo sans vocals) track:

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Hell, Let’s Stick with the Live: Tsuioku no Monochrome

All right, let’s play Recall Random Post from Months Ago right now; remember this debut from back in June or so? Tsuichro uploaded some live, and I feel like we may as well enjoy some idols in their natural environment at a time when there’s not quite so much to talk about otherwise:

Thanks, PIH!

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Indie Idol Wednesday in Black and White

You guys remember when I was like “Indie Idol Wednesday works best when you share the random stuff that you come across online” and we had a few of those and it was cool? Here’s a totally new indie, really indie, that’s literally weeks into existence but, thanks to the magical power of the Internet, perfectly accessible to at least check out:

That is what I believe to be the debut live of Tsuioku no Monochrome (Twitter), very generously and smartly provided by Viz Major the other day, and a perfect candidate for Indie Idol Wednesday. They’re so new that they only have like 150 followers! Continue reading