I’m Nominating Pikarin for Collaboration of the Year, Holy Crap

This is a great example of why you should get on Twitter and follow idols, yes, if you want to learn about idols, but why you should also follow people who know about idols, because it’s the random things that sometimes send you straight to gold.

In this case, I refer to @deadgrandma, a Person Who Knows Things and has been around a little bit, who sometimes refers to things that I’ve never heard of. This sends your dutiful Maniac to look up the reference, which often leads to neat personal discoveries but, fortunately(?), not so much on the idol side. Until, UNTIL my friends, until the other day when a familiar word — Pikarin — was in the tweet, and … well, this was the result:

You’re welcome

Do you know URBANGARDE? If so, do you like URBANGARDE? You might! You might also recognize that their keyboardist is releasing a solo album, and released this filthy update on “We Didn’t Start the Fire” that explores Japan in the 20th century. Great. But if you listen closely … yes! That’s Pikarin on the chorus!

This of course raises many, many questions, most of which I can’t express well because I’m still trying to put the rest of my brain back into my skull. Holy crap. But for real, when you’re looking to find somebody who can add a capper to a brain-busting piece of music, you may as well give Shiina a call, as long as she isn’t cramming her face full of cake.

2 thoughts on “I’m Nominating Pikarin for Collaboration of the Year, Holy Crap

    • I’m also a huge Urbangarde fan. This is a match made in heaven for me. They also invited BRATS to play Depression Fes this year (Pikarin was a guest last year) which would be another great collab.

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