There’s a New REGiNA KiSS Dance Video That You Should Watch

Do forgive the imperative in the post title, you guys, but I get a little bit defensive toward REGiNA KiSS on account of them legitimately being really good and still barely registering among you all no matter how many times I point very loudly at their work and go SEE because it’s like you see the post titles and shrug and stuff. I actually partly blame Facebook, which is again doing that shady thing where they restrict the flow of stuff from pages unless said pages are willing to occasionally pay to throttle a post (which $$ naw), so the exposure is low, but still.

Anyway, after you all ignored the nice collection of MVs that REGiNA KiSS put out a little while ago, I don’t have high hopes for eyeballs on this dance video, certainly not on a Monday and certainly not a Monday when a good part of the readership is, you know, getting drunk all day.

It’s called “NOTxPERFECTION” — is that the reason why nobody looks at it? THEY GAVE US A REHEARSAL VIDEO TOO!

I’ll stick up for you, REGiNA KiSS. I think you’re good.

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