REGiNA KiSS Brought Some Fire to Sunday

It was basically just the other day that I was clapping REGiNA KiSS on the back for being good and better than they were going to get credit for (and I was right, because like nobody looked at that post, which should be punishable by having one’s eyes gouged out, but I guess there were new, slightly different photos of Sari or Pikarin or something for you to look at instead), and then this happened:

Based on experience? This warrants investigation.

It is three videos, or four if you count a recent entry that nobody noticed, including two solo tracks:

I feel like I should do whatever it is that Kanna’s telling me

And this one I think is legitimately new:

This is the one that’s actually from earlier in the week, when I really would’ve appreciated its existence:

The title gets weirdly worded by the machines, but “unreasonable requests for a worker” (like sexual harassment!)?; context clues, people

My heart loves this. It’s all so completely aimless and random; these videos are from releases all over their discography, from their singles to their EPs, and aren’t promoting any one thing in particular. But they’re good, right? I mean, such things are matters of taste, but everything that REGiNA KiSS does is done with panache at the very least, and this is a far cry better than a lot of the stuff that filters its way through YouTube and Twitter and winds up in the various weekly features hereabouts.

I’ll say it again: Good for you, REGiNA KiSS. I can’t fathom what it is that you’re doing, and I’ve completely lost track of what you’re releasing when, and I don’t know if what you’re doing has broader appeal, but you’re doing it well and you deserve to sell some CDs to weird Westerners because of it.

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