The Weekly BiS Is Familiar and Still Fresh

All right, folks, BiS3 can’t possibly have revealed even more free new tracks from their upcoming re-re-debut album to preview and download, can they? That would be wild. They’d be practically giving the whole thing away for free at this point! What kind of wild-ass madman does that?

Oh, right.

Oh, and yeah, they did it! Two more songs!

Let’s give these suckers a rip:

Yes, okay.


I had a feeling that they’d eventually get around to some work that sounded a bit more like the funner aspects of Previously Most Recent BiS, and these would definitely fit that bill, but let’s not pretend that those weren’t well and truly the funnest parts of Previously Most Recent BiS. Like, Kenta’s fingerprints and shadows can be pretty good things — nobody’s ever complained that the dude can’t write a tune — and a little bit of straight-up punk is good for the soul.

Will either of these tracks be my favorite on the re-re-debut album? Nope, and that’s okay. Things are still looking bright as all hell for the reanimated corpse of the formerly most dangerous women in the world, and I’m looking forward to everything from the big reveal to the official debut and the inevitable membership turmoil!