The Power of PiGU Compels You

It seems like the time is right to come back around on the (incredibly hard to follow!) series of PiGU releases from the past month, as I am nothing if not devoted to getting more people to listen to PiGU and their (usually excellent!) music, regardless of style variations (currently doing 80s revival!), and consider getting out to Osaka when they’re visiting Japan to see what the POPiD cafe is all about.

I was just going to throw these two you-can-get-these-EPs-from-iTunes announcements into the Weekender, but let’s have a quick look in instead:

Actually, let’s talk about whether anybody who finds themselves riding a pastel-colored unicorn bareback through space needs more injections …

Do you need convincing? Here’s their live appearance from Gyu-no Fes, over Christmas:

Doing many of these songs featured on the above!

Now we just need to wait for Rinka’s to return to the stage, healthy and full of vim, ready to conquer. I completely missed that she did make an appearance in their last (excellent, shiny) MV, so it shan’t be long. And then it’ll be time for somebody to graduate! PiGU graduation bingo is one of the most fun games to play.

And now, because you already had such excellent taste as to be here on in the first place, you can begin to delve deeper into your personal PiGU fandom, and that will make even your soul just a little bit happier.

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