Oshi Digest #21: Day in the Life

For this week’s Oshi Digest, Oshi agreed* to allow me to follow her around for the better part of a day so as to give you, the reader, a better opportunity to see how it is that the literal idol undead conduct their business.

Here’s how oshi creates her signature look:

It starts with someone else’s face, then makeup …

The result?

💄 #blueline #bluelips #makeup #shironuri

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Just look at this dang icon, heading out around town like she doesn’t have a care in the world other than the complete destruction of the human race:

This machine didn’t have any toys that Oshi wanted, so … the machine doesn’t exist anymore, and all cameras within a 100-yard radius simply never worked again:

Then it was back to the crypt that doubles as NECRONOMIDOL HQ, where Oshi was assisting Hina with the dissection of a self-sacrificing wota for a school project. There weren’t any paper towels around to clean up afterwards; what’s a blood-powered netherdemon to do in such a situation?

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And from there, to rest up. Oshi doesn’t so much “sleep” as she does “slumber” — this isn’t naps, more like shutting off to recharge — and she was accordingly back to haunting all who don’t show her enough deference mere hours later.

*More accurately, she tolerated my leaping from shadow to shadow and pretended not to notice that I was following her

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