Hell of a Party at the BURST GIRL Debut

This has been a bad season for idol, man. Yesterday’s gawdawful news made me think that — there have been a ton of major graduations lately, and though the actual output has been of a high quality, there haven’t been that many great releases or debuts or etc. in a while. I did get a nice pick-me-up earlier in the week, and another yesterday (both of which you’ll learn all about over the next couple of days!), but man, I wouldn’t blame anybody for wanting to quit after this latest run of bad news.

So when I wake up to a message from none other than our very own Papermaiden, and it’s one of the more anticipated debuts of the last … last little while, I perk up, and optimism returns:

If you stare long enough at the Yurapiko, the Yurapiko stares back at you

That’s BURST GIRL, which you may recall is the project of 4/6 of the final Guso Drop roster, which may nor may not be better than not having Guso Drop at all (depending on one’s perspective), and that’s their debut live. Here’s a somehow-more-intimate angle:

And no less claustrophobic!

You may have been aware that this was a fairly deliberately loaded debut event, at least by chika standards:

Like, when Necroma is the least loud thing at the show …

We’ll see how well it pans out in the end, but BURST GIRL seems like they’re off to a good start. I do wonder if they’ll mix up their milieu a little bit more than Guso Drop did, how deep their catalogue can get, etc. And the old Guso wota, will they go back? Enough of them? What else does a self-produced chika idol unit concern themselves with?*

*I don’t think “Will the venue allow Rin to bring in her knife collection?” counts, you guys