You Keep Doing These Nice Things, PiGU

Oh for the love of Pete, PiGU, how long ago did you first start to show us “Bye Bye Honey”? And now you send us an MV? Diabolical.

That’s really nice though! I’ve enjoyed the song in all of its various by-membership iterations, and it sums up PiGU’s somewhat new neo-80s style very well (Roots Rock iDOL, they call it).

This is probably the most that I’ve seen out of Kiki and Yuu so far, too, though Rinka is still notably absent*. They’re doing pretty good! And I may be wrong, but I think that this is probably the slickest-looking MV that PiGU’s put out to date, and they did “DAY”. Maybe it’s the beginning of a new push? I definitely wouldn’t be mad if they started to become kind of a big deal.

As special bonus PiGU, here’s the latest episode of Spiritwalker TV, which I never understand at all but always seems like the kind of thing that you fluent kids would enjoy.

*Still on hiatus; I don’t think they’ve scrubbed her from existence just yet

3 thoughts on “You Keep Doing These Nice Things, PiGU

  1. Eh? Rinka is present throughout the video; she’s the one doing almost all the outside scenes while everyone else is mostly dancing about in that white room. I thought it was nice of them to include her in the video, and a pretty clear statement that she is still a member, even if they had to shoot her bits separately.

  2. I think the BGM is a little lighter than on the recordings and a tad more synthy? Nice to see they lightened the mood from the DAY vid.

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