The New Idol Order Is Real!

Our good friend, Kamen Joshi enthusiast and Corenament MVP Char T Saki informed me of this development a while back, and I finally remembered to look it up, and it’s true.

That’s right — you might think my conspiracy-minded theorizing is a bunch of hooey, but the New Idol Order is not only real, it’s active:

nIo actually has an interesting history going back a couple of years. They began as a heavy (occasionally heavy-as-hell) subunit of the line-straddling Oyayubi Princess, kind of stalled out, re-launched as a collaborative with the doom metal band GENOCIDE to create nIo-Destroy (about which the less said the better) and then kind of faded out as a thing. As recently as the spring, the members were reported as having either moved on or folded permanently back into Oyapuri.

This is what they used to be like.

This is nIo-Destroy. So much promise. So little delivery.

This isn’t anything like nIo’s old output; this single is definitely all about the punk, and their look has updated significantly. Still, it’s cool that they’re back; once upon a time, if you went looking for “things like Babymetal,” nIo was one of the very first groups you came across. Weird as it sounds, there’s nostalgia value here!